Decisions Change your Destiny

Decisions Change your Destiny.

Tony Robbins speech was about the things that shape our destiny. He said that there are couple of things that influence people’s destiny. First of all, a target is one of those things because it is the destiny that people want to reach. Furthermore, Tony Robbins claimed that human needs also influence people’s aims. There are two kinds of human needs. Firstly, needs of personality, like certainty and uncertainty, significance, connection and love. The second group of human needs is needs of spirit, which only can grow. In this group is fulfillment and contribution beyond ourselves. Emotions are the third thing that shapes our destiny. They shape our destiny because if get the right emotion, we can get ourselves to do anything. So, that was a couple of things that Tony Robbins talked about.

I think that the speech was very interesting and beneficial for people, who had lost hope to reach something more than they had reached up till now.

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  • Decisions Change your Destiny
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