Danger of terrorism

Danger of terrorism.

to introduce about terrorism problem in Lithuania and over the world;

The Government of Lithuania has passed Resolution No. 1282 on the measures to

implement UN Security Council Resolution 1333 and 1373. The guidelines for National Anti .

investigation of terrorist acts; (g) overcoming the crisis situations caused by terrorist acts;

measures have also been implemented by the Civil Aviation Administration:

A list of names of suspected terrorists is continually checked by the State Security

of Lithuania. In turn, these institutions are requested to inform the Division on the Prevention of

use safety deposits boxes, or make any other agreements or cash transactions. Articles 194 and

There are three principal reasons why terrorism is likely to continue to be a problem for the immediate future. First, as was obvious from discussion in the previous chapter, there is no single counterterrorist technique that is likely to work. Nor is it likely that governments will be able to always find the correct mix of techniques to solve domestic terrorist problems. Cooperation across international boundaries among countries will remain difficult as well, even when governments seek to help each other. The correct response for dealing with dissident groups using terrorism is only obvious in hindsight in many cases. Secondly, the events, circumstances, and issues that have fueled terrorism have not disappeared, nor is it likely they will be resolved any time soon. Third, while some would deny the possibility of successful terrorist campaigns, there are indications that such violence has indeed been successful.

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