Culture and Public holidays in Lithuania

By learning about people of different cultural backgrounds , we can. Increase our horizons. Enrich our life. Establish good relationship with others. Know their history. Cherish other traditions , language. By traveling , reading , studying abroad. The public holidays in Lithuania are. Date set by the Roman Catholic tradition. First Sunday of May. First Sunday of June. Mother s Day. Father s Day. Joninės “ The Feast of St John. All Saint’s Day. Kūčios Christmas Eve.

the world is changing and our borders are becoming more and more open.

This is the reason why cross cultural awareness has become no matter laughing at all.

Take a deeper interest in art (going to galleries, practicing arts)

The Act of the16th of February was signed in 1918.

It is one more National holiday to commemorate the Day of Independence.

In Lithuania on Easter morning everybody goes to church to listen to the Mass-Resurrection services.

After lunch Easter games are played. They are called Egg-breaking contest, Egg-Rolling games there are a lot of beautifully decorated eggs in every house.

Children hunt for hidden Easter eggs left to them by the Velykų Senelė (Easter Granny) or Velykėlė. The Easter Granny travels around the country and leaves beautifully decorated Easter Eggs for good children and white eggs for bad ones.

In Lithuania this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of June.

Though it is not as popular as Mother`s Day, but still weall try to honour our fathers on that day.

It is celebrated on the24th of June , when in Lithuania the day is the longest and the night is the shortest.

the 1stof November is one of the most solemn holidays in Lithuania.

On this day people visit grave yard, decorate graves, light candles on the graves and attend Church to pray for the dead

He invited merchants and craftsmen from Wester European countries to come to Lithuania to live and trade freely in the capital

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