Cruise ships

Cruise ships.

Third class is “Radiance”, they stands out of their elegance, perfect design and refined European atmosphere. The main characteristic: 13 decks, a giant lobby with spiral staircase, a domed ceiling, lift made of glass, spacious cabins with balconies, you can choose one from five restaurants, open deck with solarium and uncover roof also made from glass.

The fourth class is “Vision”. Every ship of this class has their own style of peculiarity; it can be white marble stairs, elaborate fountain, tastefully adapted paintings. All these things create coziness atmosphere, which you can feel only in these type of cruise ships. The main characteristic: 11 decks, giant territory is covered with a glass dome, there are a lot big windows, which let as to admire wonderful views, entertainment variety from theater to casino, lifts made from glass which can lift as to ship tiptop- The Viking Crown, also there are Lounge place from where you can see the panoramic view 360 degrees angle. „Adventure Ocean“ and „Optix Teen Centre“ centers for kinds.

Fifth class is “Sovereign”. There are also calm and coziness atmosphere, a wide range of entertainment and accommodation options, so all these things make your voyage special and comfortable. The main characteristic:12 decks, 7-floors atrium in every heart of a ship, which is decorated with marble stairs and copper railings and also glass lifts, plenty of bars, night clubs, cafes, 2 floors theater with professional actors, a wide inner promenade, a huge hall which is called The Viking Crown Lounge, where you can see view 360 degrees angle and also Asian restaurants, pizzerias.

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