Criminal law Violations and crimes Penalties

Criminal law Violations and crimes Penalties.

In Lithuania, the traffic control and traffic safety ensures the police headquarters and police officers. First of all, the ensuring traffic safety is one of the six tasks of the police. Traffic arrangements in Lithuania governed the road traffic regulations.

I would like to tell you about the traffic accident which I saw not long ago. I remember the traffic accident which is happened as yesterday and it was during the rush hour in the centre of the town last week where the road bends near the patrol station, there were road works which caused a traffic jam, and people in the traffic jam started to get impatient. A young man in a sport car at the back decided to overtake the slow-moving traffic, and suddenly a lorry which was leaving the patrol station turned left into the main road. The sport car brake hard to try to avoid an accident, but was too late and his ran into him. Luckily nobody was hurt.

According to the statistics this year on the roads of Lithuania there were about 400 traffic accidents, in those time killed 204 people and 200 were injured.

Pre-trial investigation and personal identification (ikiteisminis tyrimas ir asmens identifikavimas)

Good afternoon, I am Lukas Želvys and my topic is about a Pre-trial investigation and a personal identification. I would like to introduce Pre-trial investigation also I would like to tell you about personal identification.

Secondly, all people have identification number documents which can be different in other countries. These ID's documents police officers can identification person and find out person’s name, surname, date of birth, personally number or even a place of birth also ID card or passport date of expire and so on.

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  • Criminal law Violations and crimes Penalties
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