Credit unions

Credit unions.

Every day you can see a lot of advertisements about quick loans: on TV, internet, radio, in your mailbox, and etc. Our chosen credit unions are most popular in Lithuania. They ,,tell” that they are really cheap and fast money. So in our work we will analyze is it true, compare credit unions using tables, short explanations and suggestions for person.

Every company has some criteria by which it chooses its customers.

First quick loan are loan, which are taken for the first time. Each credit union has different offers, which they can suggest for people who take quick loan for the first time. Mostly credit unions try to attract customers by telling that first quick loan is for free. However not all credit unions do that, some of them suggest special offers and discounts.

Quick loan can be taken by filling application at client’s serving department, internet and SMS. Furthermore, annual interest rates depends on time and credit sum that person is taking.

Comparison of 5 credit unions suggestion for first quick loan

If you borrow for 1 month, then APR=0% and you can take any sum you need. (from 100 to 10 000Lt)

First quick loan is free, no matter what cost. First loan’s interest rates can be paid by “Moment Credit litai”, which is provided to the client, borrowing for the first time for 1 month. In addition, you get “Moment Credit” 10Lt, if you take credit for the first time and 15Lt when you pay back on time.

If person wants to borrow 1500 Lt for month only for one time, the best decision would be “smspinigai” or “Moment Credit”, because they offers first quick loan with no interest rates.

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