Conditional sentence

Conditional sentence.

Press this button to stop the machine. If you press this button, the machine stops .

I didn't know, that’s why I didn't tell you. I would have told you if I had known.

You didn't understand because you didn't pay attention. You would have understood if you had paid attention.

If he hadn't apologized, she wouldn't have forgiven him. She would not have forgiven him unless he had apologized.

They didn't hurry so they missed the train. If they had hurried they would not have missed the train.

I have no money so I can’t invite you for coffee. If I had more money, I would invite you to a cafe.

I won’t call him because I don’t have his phone number. If I had his number, I called him.

I didn’t say ‘hello’ because I didn’t see her. If I saw her, I would say ‘hello’.

We didn’t hear about the accident because we didn’t watch the news. If we had watched the news, we would have heard about this accident.

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