Company Beme presentation

Company Beme presentation .

Within the first 8 days of the app release users have shared over 1 million videos which was a very promising results for its beginning.

The graph shows that it was receiving big amounts of downloads daily (approximately 300-400 downloads a day).

After the “CNN” acquired the technology company of the “beme” app the company started going the other direction. They became a news network and just started out publishing their short episodes on the end of august. The company covers a lot of topics ranging from politics to natural disasters happening so far in the United States. The followers that they get are from social media platform “youtube”. So far it has acquired nearly 250 thousand subscribers who are interested in such type of content. The company announced that they will be trying different platforms to publish their content or even create their own.

Overall “beme” is a very dynamic company which is open for new ideas of social media. They strive to make social interactions thought internet in a different, more realistic way which is a new and unique opportunity for successful business.

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