Cities of the world Paris

Cities of the world Paris.

Antikoje and in the middle ages, due to the numerous wars, epidemics, and famine, the population fell apart. Only in the 19th century the population increased sharply due to Industrialization. in Paris in 1846 and lived a million people, up to the number of population has doubled in 1876. in 1921, the population of Paris has reached its maximum in the history of the population, lived in the city for almost 3 million inhabitants. Now the city is home to more than 2 million people. The Paris agglomeration, the population grew rapidly. in 1921, agglomeration lived 4,85 million. the population in 2006 is already 11.6 million. of the population.

The city area is 105,4 km ². Paris in the middle of Paris, situated in the lowlands, the average height is 65 m above sea level. Around the city there are two forests, which are intended for residents to relax.

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