Champion swimmer Meilutytė

Champion swimmer Meilutytė.

Ruta just became tired of that fame, she understood that she wants to have a normal life which she hadn’t had since the age of 7. She said that all her childhood and adolescence revolved about swimming, she didn’t even have time for friends.

After the amazing victory, Ruta’s father decided to take her to daughter to Plymouth a specialized Sport’s school despite the fact that the girl resisted: she did not want to leave her hometown Kaunas, her family and friends. Life in Plymouth was difficult: she had strict routine, she needed to follow strict diet and exercise a lot, for example, to swim more then 10 km in a day!

Ruta tried to socialize to a normal life, she created Instagram and FB to post her photos because she loves photography.

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  • Champion swimmer Meilutytė
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