Border guard school

Border guard school.

Training at border guard school 1560 hrs. Probation in the State Border Guard Service units 480 hrs. Final qualification examination 40 hrs.

Civil protection. Professionall ethics. First medical aid. English, Russian languages. Organization of border control. Technical equipments. Laws and regulation.

The statutes. Tactics. Weapons and shooting. Cars and document examination. Border control tactics. Physical education.

Protect the state border on land, at Sea, Coronian Lagoon and in the inland waters. Persons and vehicles crossing the state border control. Prevention of illegal migration crossing the state border. Ensures the border regime and under competence of the border control points regime.

After hearing all of the theorethical training, fullfiling practical training tasks, and successfully passing a qualification and examinations students are getting the qualification of a Border Guard which gives the right to serve in the State Border Guards Service units and perform border guard duties.

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  • Border guard school
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