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Banking. Services. Personal banking. E-banking. Done by. Content. Introduction Banking Banking services Personal banking E-banking Benefits of Internet banking Vocabulary Conclusion. Introduction. Objectives To give an overview about banking To widen your dictionary. Banking can be. Banking services. Banking covers many services Advances (Overdraft. Personal banking is. The provision of. E-banking allows customers to access features and services. Benefits of Internet Banking. Benefits Reduce the transactions costs of offering several banking services. Vocabulary. Profit- money that. Banking covers many. Literature.

Introduction; Banking; Banking services; Personal banking; E-banking; Benefits of Internet banking; Vocabulary; Conclusion.

Objectives: To give an overview about banking; To widen your dictionary.

Benefits : Reduce the transactions costs of offering several banking services; Increase customer loyalty; Improve customer access; Attract new customer; Easy online application for all accounts.

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