Australia presentation

Australia presentation.

The main weapon was a wooden lances, axes and stone boomeang. Aborigines and the cold nights, not wear clothing, dig in spent in the sand. Australian natives worshipped in plants and animals, kept them in holy. The arrival of the Europeans, they have been excluded from the coastal areas of the zebra. 19 – 20th. Aboriginal declined sharply. Many of them died from European diseases, hunger and oppression.

A small continent surrounded by oceans, but substantial precipitation in the fall out more little. The reason is that in Australia at 30 ◦ p. pl. high pressure areas, which leads to a dry climate. Only about 10% of the total territory of Australia receives more than 1000 mm rainfall in year. In the part of the country exposed to less than 500 mm of rainfall. Great dividing range is a natural barrier which brings such air mass from the Pacific.

On the East Australian current effects of air šiltosios accumulates more moisture and its eastern slopes exposed to about 100 mm of rainfall. after passing through the ridge,  the air mass over much of the moisture loses.

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