Augustinas Savickas biography

Augustinas Savickas biography.

The memory of many, A.Savickis was painter, writer, who organized creative solo exhibitions of his art works, also books exhibitions about the colleagues and their own creative work and life. His creative trajectory lasted more than 50 years and the artist organized more than 50 personal exhibitions.

In the early period of creative work he painted mainly lyrical, epic landscapes, dramatic thematic compositions, portraits. Ninth and tenth decades of A. Savickas paintings had lyrical nostalgia, which slightly dampened earlier sharpness, but still natural pungent sense of longing. In this time he painted distinctive, elegiac mood, expressive brushwork portraits, still lifes, landscapes.

In his works dominate the dark grayish-bluish tones, verticals based composition, passive characters posture. The artist relies on naive art style, he liked to originality transform it.

In conclusion I have to say that sometimes it happens that after the death of the artist his works are forgotten, But Augustinas Savickis and his art will remain for a long time.

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