Assessment scale of writing

Assessment scale of writing. Genre and structure. Use of language. Spelling Criterion. Descriptor. Points. Assessment scale of writing. (20 % of the total examination markGenre and structure. Lexis. Use of. Language. Spelling,. Punctuation, scope.

1. Genre correspondence (to the requirements of writing a summary or academic text (essay) and structure (accurate composition, clarity and precision of thoughts, proper usage of cohesive devices) (max 4 points).

2. Contents: presentation of the topic; formulation of the main and supporting ideas; development of the topic, coherent and cohesive presentation of thoughts (max 4 points).

3. Lexis (richness of the academic vocabulary: terms, ability to paraphrase the information presented) (max 4 points).

4. Correct usage of grammatical constructions typical of the academic language, adequate wordbuilding (max 4 points).

5. Spelling, punctuation, meeting the requirements for the scope of the written task (max 4 points).

The author’s viewpoint and most important aspects are properly understood and presented

Attempts at formulating the main and supporting ideas are unsuccessful

Rich vocabulary corresponding to the task and style is used

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  • Assessment scale of writing
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