Analytics Trends

Analytics Tr As the discipline of business analytics matures. Analytics Trends 2016.Six trends. The man-machine dichotomy blurs. As cognitive capabilities advance, where do humans fit into the picture. Humans and machines will find new ways to complement one another. Humans will build. Impact. Analytics expands across the enterprise Not long ago. Analytics expands across. #AnalyticsTrends. Analytics expands across the enterprise. Cybersecurity A. Persistent and evolving Product. Scanning the current cybersecurity landscape. Cybersecurity A good defense isn’t enough. The Internet of Things – and people, too. As the Internet. Beyond gadgetry New roles. A new source. Companies bridge. A deepening shortage Universities. Expanding avenues for. Companies bridge the talent gap. Business borrows from the sciences. Scientists have been applying advanced analytics techniques to their toughest challenges for years. Business borrows from.

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  • Analytics Trends
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