Am I happy?

Am I happy?.

To begin with happiness has a lot in common with safety, if you feel unsafe you will not be happy even if you tried your best. Which brings me to safety in Lithuania. Many people in Lithuania already feel uneasy about situation with Russia, and threats by the country towards the Baltic States. All that makes people worried and unhappy.

Finally, one of the most common reasons of being unhappy is health. Many people in the world, in fact almost the majority are unhealthy in some way if not themselves, then have family members who are unhealthy. Being unhealthy surely takes away the joy of life and being happy that way is almost impossible. Growing up I’ve had some health issues, and had to spend fair share of my time in hospitals. Being there or being in pain makes it impossible to be happy. You can’t be happy seeing your loved ones in pain also, it’s even worse than experiencing it yourself.

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