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Questions for the examination Lexicology
Features of the word: morphological structure; certain arrangement of morphemes; different word forms; different syntactic functions; signal various meanings; indivisible; mobile in a sentence.Morpheme – the smallest meaningful unit. One ...
Languages, 18 pages
2016 03 10
Articels usage
Artikelio an vartojimas. There is. There was an. There will. Am is. Žymimasis – the. Vietos prielinksnių. Artikelių nebuvimas prieš skaičiuotinius daiktavardžius. Tačiau konkrečioje situacijoje. Jeigu situacija konkreti. – ...
Languages, 7 pages
2015 05 09
Composition stucture
Expressing opinion. A letter asking for information and giving information. Letter giving advice. Letter of application ( formal.
Languages, 4 pages
2016 02 03
Monologue news
Secondly, i want to tell you about how i find out about the news. The best way is online newspapers. In the internet you can use searchengine and find breaking news and other things which you need. What is more, online newspapers gives the ...
Languages, 1 page
2015 10 07
2 Which mood represents the real facts? Which mood represents unreal facts?3 Why is the use of the Subjunctive and Suppositional moods determined?a) Simple sentences that have one S-P : I drink coffee.Causative-consecutive ...
Psichology, 6 pages
2016 03 20
Project management
Risk – dealing with the degree of uncertainty of the project through knowledge and experience.Avoid – eliminate. To something to remove it – use another supplier f.e.Accept – accept all or some of the consequences of a ...
Management, 8 pages
2017 12 08
Transportation Logistics Summary
There are some differences between national and international transportation. First one, and maybe the most obvious one is the documentation. The bills of lading are different in international transport and also they need to have the CMR ...
Logistics, 24 pages
2017 02 13
Writing a monologue and dialogue
Writing a monologue and dialogue. Introducing ang supporting. Introducing ang supporting. Additional points. Contrasting.
Languages, 2 pages
2017 03 23
English lexicology
Part-of–speech classification ( noun, adjective, verb, adverb, numeral forming suffixes)Origin of suffixes (native Germanic: -er, -ful, --less, -ship, -hood, -ward, Romanic: -tion, -able/ible, -ance/ence, Greek: -ist, -ism, -ize, ...
Languages, 3 pages
2015 12 01
A glossary of didactic terms
A glossary of didactic terms Anticipate problems. Blended learning. Classroom management. Diagnostic test. Learner training. Supplementary material. Task based learning TBL. Teacher talking time TTT. Teaching unplugged. Unforeseen problems.
Languages, 1 page
2018 02 19
Corporation valuations
Corporation valuations. Programm.Theoretical framework that overview of the valuation methods.Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) typical mode of application.Estimate of different cash flows.Procedures for estimating the cost of capital.Procedures for ...
Management, 92 pages
2018 01 23
Culture and Public holidays in Lithuania
By learning about people of different cultural backgrounds , we can. Increase our horizons. Enrich our life. Establish good relationship with others. Know their history. Cherish other traditions , language. By traveling , reading , studying ...
Culture, 5 pages
2018 02 19
English Tenses
I usually drink tea for breakfast but today I am drinking coffee.3. Kalbant apie kelis veiksmus, kurie vyko tuo pačiu metu praeityje:This time tomorrow I will be skiing in the Alps.2. Veiksmui, kuris įvyks netolimoje ...
Languages, 11 pages
2017 12 08
Femininum. ADer Form nach. BDer Bedeutung nach.
Languages, 1 page
2018 03 17
Films test conspectus
It's all about the shared experience. Your home theater might be good , but it's not that good. A massive speaker system. Rise above socioeconomic status and labels. Their love broke boundaries. It show that Women can be classy and sassy AT THE ...
Film & Television, 3 pages
2018 02 19
International Business Law conspectus
Purpose of competition law. Evolution. Trends. General approach to the system. EU competition law – particular purpose. Tools how to achieve the purpose. EU competition law vs. National. EU competition law system. Restrictive agreements and ...
Law, 17 pages
2017 12 08
Journeys in product Development
Figure 0. Evolution of digital technologies. Journeys in product Development. Most product designs fall under one of two categories demand-pull innovation or invention-push innovation. Design expression comes from the combined effect of all ...
Technology, 28 pages
2017 12 08
LEU English Didactic
In the first sense. In the second sense. Being an English teacher qualities of a good teacher , a teacher’s roles , professional development. Communicative language competences linguistic , sociolinguistic , pragmatic and pluricultural ...
Languages, 9 pages
2018 01 23
Maskulinum. ADer Bedeutung nach. BDer Form nach.
Languages, 1 page
2018 03 17
Mechanics of materials
Calculating the stresses and strains. Yield strength , ultimate strength , Young's modulus , and Poisson's ratio. Ability to withstand an applied load without failure or plastic deformation. Forces and deformations that result from their acting ...
Engineering, 5 pages
2017 12 19
Neutrum. ADer Bedeutung nach. BDer Form nach.
Languages, 1 page
2018 03 17
Social Education Terminology
Social Education Terminology. Commit a crime. Place / put sb on probation , get / be given probation. Probation officer. Learning difficulties.Day care centre. Latchkey kid , latchkey child. Commit suicide. Suicide note. Suffer from ...
Sociology, 4 pages
2018 03 17
Teaching Methods
The audiolingual method. Only in English. Total physical response. The lexical approach. Competency based language teaching learning. Communicative language teaching learning. The  teacher  has two main roles. Cooperative language learning. ...
Education, 6 pages
2018 02 19
Assessment and self-assessment in classes
authentic use of language in speaking, listening, reading and writing;Informal assessment is often called ongoing assessment because it is done over a period of time a term of the whole academic year. Traditionally students are assess in ...
Education, 2 pages
2016 11 03
Auditing (2)
Company's assets are usually divided into current and fixed assets.Current assets is asset which will be used in less than a year. It can be cash, stock and inventory.Fixed assets are assets that will continue to be used by the ...
Economy & Finance, 2 pages
2015 12 14
84% live in England, 8% live in Scotland, 5% live in Wales and 3% live in Northern Ireland.53 million live in England, 5.2 million live in Scotland, 3 million live in Wales and 1.8 million live in Northern Ireland.It means there are ...
Ethics, 6 pages
2015 11 17
Classical Economics
8 classical Economics. analyze. Invisible hand. Limitations. Analyze William Pitt the Younger Edmund Burke Jeremy Bentham believed in "the greatest good for the greatest number". David Ricardo. Classical political economy.
Economy & Finance, 7 pages
2017 04 19
Classification of English Consonants According to the Place and Manner of Articulation (self-check tables)
Classification of English Consonants According to the Place and Manner of Articulation (self-check tables). Place. Manner. M. N. Ŋ. L. W. J. F v. Θ ð. S z. H. P b. T d. K g. Place. Manner. Abilūpiniai (bilabial). Lūpų-dantiniai ...
Languages, 3 pages
2016 01 12
Econometrics exam questions
What are the types of models according to the nature of coincidence?Dynamic. If the variables are changing in the time, then we have dynamic models.Balancing models – are used for situations, when system of equations is ...
Economy & Finance, 15 pages
2017 04 19
Electronic motors
Success with DC motors.History. Emergence of AC motors. Motor supply and control Motor supply. Self commutated motor Brushed DC motor. Electrically excited DC motor. Permanent magnet DC motor. . Cage and wound rotor induction motor. Continuous ...
Devices & Hardware, 24 pages
2017 04 12